The emergency lighting systems found throughout businesses and buildings are for the greatest purpose and are easily overlooked. It is true they assist in directing people to the nearest exit without stumbling in the dark when the power goes out, but they also become a lifeline of sorts.  In the case of a fire, visibility is limited and panic can quickly spread.  This is when safety and a quick exit is needed, while under the worst circumstances.

Unfortunately, emergency lights don’t always get the inspection and maintenance necessary to ensure that they will work when you need them most. That’s where BID Fire and Safety can help.

BID’s emergency lighting inspection and maintenance services will insure the NFPA 101 requirements are met.  We can install, replace, or upgrade existing systems.  Models we carry include incandescent, halogen, LED, dual head, photo luminescent, exit sign/emergency light combination units, and wet location models.

BID Fire and Safety can keep maintenance costs down, give you peace of mind, and help keep your emergency lights ready in the event they’re needed.


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