Fire Extinguisher Sales and Service

Fire Extinguisher inspections, service, and recharging is fundamental to workplace safety, and required by law. B I D Fire and Safety’s services include inspection of your company’s portable fire extinguishers, any necessary extinguisher recharge or repairs, and full written report for your records. We carry a complete line of portable fire extinguishers for any type of fire protection necessary for your company. We can also provide fire extinguisher training for your employees. Portable fire extinguishers are critical for protection of people and property. We sell, service, and repair Fire Extinguisher products that comply with all local codes and are approved or listed by the National Fire Protection Association, Underwriters Laboratories Inc., Department of Transportation, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and United States Coast Guard.  No matter what your requirement – ABC dry chemical, water, carbon dioxide, wheeled, or marine fire extinguishers, we can provide you with the correct fire extinguisher for any application.

Fire extinguishers are available in different classes and sizes for different types of fire hazards. The most used type of portable fire extinguisher is dry chemical class ABC that can be used on most fires. Other types of fire extinguishers are available for special uses, such as K-Class fire extinguishers for grease fires in kitchens or clean agent extinguishers for computer rooms. All extinguishers must be clearly labeled for their suitable application and proper use. Local fire inspectors determine minimum number and types of fire extinguishers required for businesses in accordance to Florida law. The use, installation, maintenance and service of fire extinguishers is regulated by the state and local fire authorities, and fire extinguishers are required in all locations where public safety is concerned.

We Sell, Certify and Recharge

  • ABC Multipurpose Dry Chemical Extinguishers
  • Carbon Dioxide Stored Pressure Extinguishers
  • Class D Stored Pressure Extinguishers
  • Clean Agent Extinguishers
  • High Performance Dry Chemical Extinguishers
  • Purple K Stored Pressure Dry Chemical Extinguishers
  • Water Stored Pressure Extinguishers
  • AFFF- Foam Extinguishers
  • Wet-Chem Stored Pressure Class “K” Kitchen Extinguishers
  • Wheeled Fire Extinguishers
K class fire extinguisher

 B I D Fire & Safety has trained and licensed fire extinguisher service technicians that can perform annual certification, monthly inspections, recharges and repairs on all types of portable fire extinguishers. When we complete an inspection, we will leave you with a detailed service report recording all work performed and a list of repairs needed. We will be happy to set up an appointment for you, just call 727-479-3315 or send us a message by filling out the contact form below.

B I D Fire and Safety is fully licensed and insured for your protection. Our personnel are friendly, and courteous, and have the expertise to do the job right. We take pride in our personalized service and customer service is our #1 goal.


Service call $ 40.00 (Pinellas County)

  • We will schedule a state licensed, and trained technician to evaluate the job site, who will then make any recommendations needed or perform any repairs you authorize.


Annual Certification $5.00

  • Service fire extinguisher in accordance with NFPA 10, state laws and manufacturers’ specifications

  • Replace certifcation tag

  • Replace tamper device




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