Restuarant Kitchen Fire Suppression System Service and Certification

BID Fire and Safety understands the fire safety needs of your restaurant. Simplifying your concerns for installation, UL300 upgrades, inspection, and servicing your kitchen fire suppression system in the exhaust hood can be made easy. We will insure 100% compliance or identify any deficiencies. Once the inspection is completed we will provide you with a full written report.

BID Fire and Safety provides testing, inspection, and certification services of your restaurant fire suppression system, all in accordance to local, state, federal and manufactures specifications, to ensure both AHJ and insurance compliance. Semi annual kitchen fire suppression service includes:

  • Visual inspection of conduit and location of appliance, duct, and plenum nozzles.
  • Inspection of link line and position of detectors.
  • Inspect the automatic actuation of the fire system by cutting a terminal test link.
  • Test the remote pull station.
  • Verify electric and gas shut offs when system is activated.
  • Replace fusible links.
  • Verify the gauge on pressurized tanks is at the proper level.
  • Internal inspection of non pressurized tanks for corrosion.
  • Examine cylinders to record and verify the hydro test date.
  • Examine the regulator to record and verify the test dates.
  • Replace system cartridges when required by manufacturer.
  • Remove and clean nozzles to insure they are not clogged.
  • Replace nozzle caps.
  • Test all electrical interlocks.
  • Inspect the piping.
  • Record any obvious deficiencies discovered during the inspection.
  • Verification of UL300 requirement

When you run a busy kitchen in the Tampa Bay area, the survival of your business depends on the ability of your kitchen fire suppression system to quickly detect and suppress fires. Between the grease, heat, and the fast paced working environment, kitchen fires can flare up at any time. Therefore, without a reliable kitchen fire suppression system any fire can be potentially disastrous. Don’t gamble with the safety of your restaurant, your employees, and your guests. Contact us today to schedule a free survey.

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