Marine Fire System


Inspection is one of the key elements in maintaining safe and effective marine fire protection. Knowing that the automatic fire suppression system and fire extinguishers are operational and fully charged at all times on your boat guarantees fire safety and preparedness in the high-risk marine environment. We provide testing and certification of pre enginnered fire suppression systems and portable fire extinguishers for passenger, luxury, and commercial vessels. At B I D Fire and Safety, Inc. we provide annual inspections and certification in accordance with the requirements of NFPA, State of Florida, DOT, and of the United States Coast Guard.  Call today for your marine fire system inspection.
Clean agent fire extinguisher systems can be manually actuated when a fire is detected and are designed to automatically discharge whenever the protected space ambient temperature reaches 175-degrees F.  When a clean agent marine fire system discharges, the extinguisher is designed to fully empty the contents in less than 10 seconds.  No clean up is required.  There is no powdery residue or water left behind.  The fire is extinguished by a combination of heat reduction and chemical reaction.
We sell and certify fire suppression systems that are available to protect marine engine rooms and machinery spaces from as small as 25-cubic feet to as large as 3,000-cubic feet.
Whether your boat has Halon 1211, Halon 1301, FE241, or FM200, we are licensed and insured to inspect, recharge, and certify your fire suppression equipment. Call us today to schedule an inspection of your marine fire suppression system and portable fire extinguishers.

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