Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspection Includes:

1. Verify that it has a valid maintenance tag on it.

2. Verify that it is charged and ready for use.  Stored Pressure extinguishers are cheked by makeing sure that the fire extinguisher is in the green by reading the pressure guage. Cartridge-operated extinguishers are verified by an indicator, co2 fire extinguishers are verified by weighing.

3. Make sure that the extinguisher is not blocked or obscured from visibility.

4. Verify that the tamper seal is on the extinguisher, that it’s holding the pin in firmly, and that it hasn’t been damaged.

5. Make sure that the nameplate is visible and facing outwards.

6. Make sure that the extinguisher is full, by hefting it or weighing it.

7.  Check for physical damage  caused by falling off wall braket or dammaged by machinery such as fork lifts.

8. Record the inspection with initials and date on the monthly inspection tag.