Auto collision repair centers need to be confident in their paint booth fire suppression system.  The fumes can be extremely volatile and dangerous in a shop’s environment.  Without having a reliable paint booth fire suppression system, a fire can shut your business down permanently.  Don’t put the safety of your collision repair center, your employees, and your guests at risk. Call B I D Fire and Safety to schedule an inspection today.

The Paint Booth Fire Suppression System Inspection Process

  • Visually inspect location and performance of nozzles.
  • Link line and detector positions.
  • Automatic actuation of the fire system.
  • Internal Inspection for corrosion.
  • Piping and copper tubing.
  • Terminal test link.
  • Test pull station.
  • Examine, record, and verify hydro test date of cylinders.
  • Examine, record, and verify regulator test dates.
  • Electrical interlocks.
  • Verify exhaust functions for activation.
  • Replace fusible links.
  • Proper level of pressurized tanks.
  • Check for any obstructions.